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Art Glass by Wells does not teach stained glass lessons, sell stained glass patterns or art glass supplies, but we do offer the ability to design, fabricate and install some of the most unique stained glass projects that the imagination can dream up! Art Glass collaborates with all clients from the inspiration or concept of the project, through the scale drawing and then the full size design. Next the selection of the stained glass colors and art glass textures. Next art glass artisans start the tedious task of hand cutting the individual stained glass pieces which are selected for there inherent unique colors that inhance the specific architectural art glass setting. The glazing process is next, each piece of metal caming is cut to the exact length and the proper angle to create a smooth transition the the adjoining piece of art glass and the next piece of came. This is very time consuming process and physical demanding. After the assembly process is completed every intersection must be solder on the front side of the stained glass window and then the panel will be turned over and then every joint will be solder to create the strongest bond as possible. 
Bedsides the creation of stained glass windows, Art Glass has long history restoring some the most coveted and renowned historical stained glass window creations from around the world. Art Glass has been the go to source for the restoration and the preservation of stained glass since 1962. Clients from all over the state of Texas,  and the surrounding states such as Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Mississippi have used our studio services for years. 
Our Studio offers a full staff of experienced stained glass master artisans competent in all facets of the one of a kind art median of stained art glass.  
Art Glass by Wells are expert stained glass restorers of architectural art glass windows in worship centres, with many years of actual hands on experience.  Our studio has been repairing stained glass windows for churches, synagogues and places of worship since 1962. The highly trained technicians at our company are well equipped to handle any restoration of decorative art glass from the smallest repair to the complete restoration of the largest windows ever constructed. The experienced staff has all the necessary equipment to handle the most difficult of jobs.
All work controlled by our studio resulting in the most comprehensive all inclusive job possible, with superior results. The end result is a completed job without surprises or delays with scheduling.
With the advancement of new technologies and time proven methods deteriorating stained glass windows can be resolved to last literally a life time and for generations to come with comprehensive maintained and stewardship.

Consult with the stained glass professionals at Art Glass by Wells where commitment to excellence and quality is demanded every day.

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