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Art Glass by Wells
Protective Glazing

Stained Glass Restoration is an art form all of its own. Replacing stained glass or hand painted pieces requires the skill and patience of a master craftsmen and glass artisan all in one. Our studio philosophy is to keep the piece as original as possible as not to change the integrity or historic value. Only a carefully trained and experienced eye can detect the subtle nuances and characteristics of the glass used. Even the brush strokes used by the artist that made the original piece, in some cases a 100 to 200 years earlier, have to be meticulously matched. Art Glass specializes in the conservation of  historical church stained glass with the experience and knowledge of the three generations of stained glass artisans. Our staff is well qualified and expertly knowledgeable in the removal of historical stained glass windows. The proper steps taken in the removal of any historical stained glass window is crucial to insure that no additional damage will occur. Crating, handling and transportation is as important as any of the procedures in the whole process.

Restoration of Emil Frei window, hand painted pcs replaced, window carefully cleaned and cemented. Hand-painted pcs replaced, window
cleaned, straighten and reinforced
A Frei masterpiece at the height of his career.

A fine example of an American made opalescent stained glass window from the turn of the century. Art Glass by Wells restored this beautiful stained glass panel set into a wooden frame. The craftsmanship of this stained glass panel is inferior to none. The glass used to make this art glass window is from Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company, located in Indiana and still in business today.

The two photos above show the before and after of the stained glass window in the First United Methodist Church of Winnie, Texas.
We used hurricane resist protective glass comprised of 3/8" and 1/4" clear tempered glass that was laminated together to create a superior protection against hurricanes to come.

Restoring historical pieces of stained glass, with the famous names such as Louis Comfort Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jaques Gruber, Emel Frei, Emil Galle, and Handel attached to them, is challenging yet awe inspiring. To admire the skill, one of a kind technique, and passion each artist used in their creations is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Consult with the stained glass professionals at Art Glass by Wells where commitment to excellence and quality is demanded every day.

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