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Art Glass Church Windows

Religious church stained glass windows are unique as a art form because of the relationship that exists between the glass and the light. Natural light by which the world is made visible, has been symbolically equated with goodness and beauty since the beginning of time. Therefore light itself was the very focal point of the philosophies and religions of mankind. In the Middle Ages where illiteracy was most prominent in Europe the church was a place to gather the people to convey their message using symbols and images in the church stained glass windows to communicate and reinforce a story in beautiful inspiring color. Colored stained glass has a spiritual quality that when energize by light has a kinetic quality like no other medium that connects to the hearts and souls of all that view them. Creating a church stained glass window with the unique qualities that stained glass has, can have a very soothing and tranquil effect on the mind, body, and soul.  

Memorial Window, Taylor Texas
 The window above is installed inside the Prayer Room at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Houston, TX. There are five children with Jesus, all with hand painted faces, hands, feet and clothing. We worked with Pontike's Construction on this beautiful custom project. 

The stained glass window above is a collaboration between John Paul Catholic School and Art Glass by Wells. The School worked closely with head artist and designer Chris Howard on the concept of this window from the beginning. The school had two smaller windows dating back 75 to 100 years when they were originally built. Chris worked from only photos to create this new complimentary leaded art piece, as the older windows had to be installed months prior because of construction. All the pieces are hand painted and fired at 1100 degrees, this window is fairly large measuring over six feet wide and almost nine feet tall.

The four church stained glass windows above were designed using only symbolism as its message. The church windows all have the same basic background, but inserting eight different images in all four church windows.

The above stained glass memorial church window is of the Tiffany Style using rich opalescent stained glass colors. This stained glass window measures 6' wide x 10' tall and installed in Huntsville, Texas in the new chapel.

The church window above depicts the Virgin Mary in the entrance of old established catholic church here Houston, Texas.

The church window above is set just above the above the baptismal in a new church in Missouri City, Texas. The symbolism of the dove is beautifully executed in this stained glass window.  



Art Glass by Wells will work with your committee to design and create the perfect stained glass windows for your facility. Also our studio restores historic church stained glass windows with documentation and conservation recommendations. Religious windows, church stained glass, worship art glass, ecclesiastic or any faith based or spiritual stained windows can be quite effective in creating or conveying a sense of focus for the people or congregation. The light transmitted thru the stained glass windows creates a sense of engagement of the spirit of goodness and the will to the commitment of goodwill and tranquil feeling of peace to yourself and to others.

Aurora Baptist Church, Aurora,Texas
interior window back lighted
Sugar Land Bibile Church
The Stained Glass Church and Religious Windows seen on this page show the diverse applications of the techniques used by Art Glass, from the old world european cathedral hand painted windows to the american tiffany style opalescent art glass.
Old World European Style



The stained glass religious church windows above were set in small chapel and back lit with flourescent lights. Christian symbols are main design element used in this colorful setting.



Consult with the stained glass professionals at Art Glass by Wells where commitment to excellence and quality is demanded every day.

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